World Series Casino Online Was Very Lively

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Which makes this world is a bustling madness of the occupants in it, while the madness that dimaksut are some things that luart regular who had not thought of, but it also can be done, as for a lot of the craziness of the inhabitants of this earth that characterizes the earth with a glitter of stars.

they are very like the challenge a lot of crazy stunts they do on this earth like playing a game that will was wasting your money but this is not a problem considering how mengasyikannya this game that will make the players do not feel a loss this is craziness of the inhabitants of the earth which further adds to the excitement of this earth , Who among you who is a fan of Online Casino Games? Then be happy because you will be able to know kemeriahanpada biggest Online Casino tournament this year.

Tournaments Casino Online or an extension of the World Series Casino Online 2014 has been held in Las Vegas which is the largest gambling city in the world, where the tournament is taking place on the 15th of July 2014 festivities tournament that happens is as a celebration of 45 years of World Series Casino Online 2014 bets $ 10,000 for a game of No-Limit Hold’emChampionship.

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Wow what can not be said as the tournament luxury if the price stakes are exorbitant so, because it’s a lot of players online casino world who berpartisifasi in the tournament this time, people said 87 different countries participated in this game in order to find the title of the most in dearer Casino online and gifts over $ 10 million.

Then why did you players Online Casino great just remain silent? Game by game has passed, 87 countries took part in this tournament now only 9 players end representing six countries, namely Brazil, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Swediadan United States.

Surely they are very proud of all that has been selected as the final of the prestigious event like this, then who won the king’s coronation Online Casino this year at the Online Casino World Series tournament in 2014 and who were lucky to get $ 10 million? You can watch the tournament on November 10, be witnesses who will be memennagkan gold bracelet WSOP highly in Buru by players online casino in the world, and will receive great prizes from the organizers of $ 62,820,200 and the major players will get a prize of $ 10,000. 000 and for other Sbobet players will be awarded a prize of $ 18,480,121.

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