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Once I went to show the calendar this morning, it didn’t have a brand new web page to show to. For that reason, that need to imply that there’s a brand new 12 months upon us and here’s hoping that your New 12 months’s get together used to be a just right one. It also approach that there’s a entire new 12 months of possibilities forward of the poker world, a few of which we’ll try to predict here!


PokerStars Championship? Just now not the identical

When the ecu Poker Tour’s discontinue in Prague, Czech Republic, concluded in mid-December, it additionally marked the end of a real memorable run. Within the span of thirteen seasons, the EPT had built itself into the predominant tournament circuit in Europe (and a few would argue the arena) by means of a blend of difficult work by using its employees and the inventive minds of persons reminiscent of its founder, John Duthie, and others like former tour director Thomas Kremser. That each one came to a halt, nonetheless, with the tip of 2016.

Amaya Gaming judi poker, perhaps looking to position their possess mark on the game, have tossed the history and prestige of the EPT apart, rebranding their reside tournament efforts because the PokerStars Championships (or PokerStars festivals, for the regional excursions). Amaya has long gone so far as to change everything about what’s going to be the first major event of 2017, including its name. Say goodbye to the PokerStars Caribbean adventure, say hello to the PokerStars Championship Bahamas. From January 6-14, ninety two tournaments shall be performed in the inaugural time table, which has been the brunt of a lot of the criticism from poker players.

At the same time they could love to play the game, an natural of 10 tournaments carried out for every day of the schedule might be a little bit a lot (it additionally appears blatantly like a cash grasp via Amaya). Whilst humans already had their bookmark in for the Bahamas in January, where we would see a downfall for the new “PokerStars Championship” for the period of their first stop in Panama in March…if the gamers gained’t go to Panama to play, then Amaya could must admit they made a mistake (even though I don’t see the EPT returning, which makes it much more involving).

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Make or break for the GPL

When it used to be announced in 2015, many thought that the global Poker League used to be a whimsical concept from any person who always has challenged traditional norms in poker (and that’s a just right thing), Alexandre Dreyfus.Throughout 2016, nonetheless, Dreyfus and his team with the GPL continuously strived for striking on the fine exhibit feasible with their concept of crew poker (and did good, to be sincere) with occasional success overshadowed by using other moves (recall Dreyfus’ “loan” situation? How about scheduling your playoffs for a huge exhibit at a high conference and your World Championship suits for a predominant area, then pulling out of both and putting it on in Las Vegas seeing that you don’t have the money?). In 2017, they have to both show they are in for the lengthy haul or destroy beneath the stress.

The notion of the GPL fitting a large “e-recreation” is fanciful at first-class. For those who watch a massive combat between as many as six exceptional opponents in a video game equivalent to Warcraft, call of responsibility or Rocket League after which say you get the equal crowd pleasure out of gazing two folks standing and looking at each and every different within the GPL’s “dice,” you possibly can be flat out lying. Dreyfus and Co. Must be watching at provide the nice product for many who are the core of what they are delivering – the poker world – and check out to undertake one of the “e-sporting activities” phenomenon in bringing outsiders to the game.

Many casual enthusiasts observing on Twitch have already confirmed they dislike the web play notion that the GPL uses (and that i watched the GPL World Championship final – if in case you have one thousand viewers on Twitch and later the same night time I see comedian Lewis Black doing an unannounced facebook live show to 4000 viewers, you’re doing something flawed), but it surely doesn’t mean that it must be abandoned altogether.

The net detail jumbled together with some genuine live play – and we imply reside chips and playing cards, no longer with no trouble plopping the two avid gamers into a field and have them play standing up – would fortify the GPL widely. Having a better advertising plan in situation (Dreyfus himself has admitted dropping the ball right here) no longer just for merchandising but also for garnering interest from the mainstream is crucial. In the end, a league does have got to have stars to advertise – and have these stars accessible to the public – whether it is to be victorious.

While the poker world heard of Fedor Holz and his wonderful run in 2016, you didn’t see Holz (or anyone else, for that subject) out promoting the GPL on physical games speak shows, which helps the league live on. Promoting is vital and we didn’t see much promoting of the GPL in 2016. It’s a make or break year for the GPL. In the event that they think they are able to recycle 2016, then that option is probably going going to be “smash

Online Poker in the U. S.? No longer looking excellent

The 2016 common Election has forged a pallor over the potentialities for the regulation of online poker in the States of the us federally and, through extension, to the man or woman states. Once the GOP nominee was voted in as President in November – and the Congress remained in the arms of the Republican social gathering – the writing was once etched onto the wall for poker regulation in Washington D. C. If it doesn’t occur in 2017, then absolutely earlier than the end of the incoming Congress in 2018 there will likely be some sort of federal ban in opposition to online gaming and/or poker handed.

Why so pessimistic? When you have complete manipulate because the Republican occasion does coming into Washington in 2017, there’s nothing that forestalls your agenda from being enacted. Despite the fact that it wasn’t a plank in their 2016 platform, the GOP has a colossal money donor within the form of Las Vegas casino proprietor/billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who donated a ton of cash to Republicans within the last election.

You don’t believe Adelson, who has consistently been anti-on-line gaming, isn’t looking for some sort of payoff for those campaign endorsements (and don’t even try to bring up how the GOP nominee “funded” his possess campaign)? The states have also shown themselves unable to participate in within the online gaming/poker realm. California is a steady tease and will continue down that monitor in 2016, most often with the identical endgame; Pennsylvania will do each rattling thing they cannot to pass online gaming laws, and that can mean they’d do the unlikely of elevating taxes via a penny on some other enterprise.

Big apple? Michigan? Others? Please…they have got proven that they can draw attention through supplying the dance but they have shown little to no seriousness as to actively passing on-line gaming and poker rules. The only factor that can spur a few of these states to action IS the threat of a federal ban AND the hope that they’ll be grandfathered in if they move ahead before Congress passes federal motion. That’s a skinny line to place a bet on. These are simply predictions and, with hope, a few of what I see received’t occur. Assume a rocky road in 2017 and, if it proves to be smoother than estimated, then take it and run.

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