Live Casino Poker Game Players Nine Will Compete in the WSOP

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World Series Of Poker Tournaments Live Casino in 2014, followed by the 87 countries are now leaving nine WSOP finalists from six countries such as Brazil, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Swediadan United States. Here’s a list of names of the players go round the November Nine:

BillyPappconstantinou (USA)

professional foosball player who has been in this permainann for 29 years, it was only once participated WSOP and straight into the final round, great is not it? In fact he never even determines the rules of the game WSOP he truly novice player there, although it does Billy In total it has received $ 16.379dalam Live Casino live poker tournaments, especially daribuy-inevent $ 500 pada2010World PokerFinaldi Manaia mengambilposisi 8And win $ 15,341.

FelixStephensen (NOR)

23-year-old man is from Oslo, Norway who sekarng lived in London, England. These young players have tournament poker game World Series of Poker Live Casino twice, but it is the highest achievement that made him into the finals just a year IA, he admitted that he rarely played poker he just benefit from permainnan previous poker as much as $ 22,118

JorrytvanHoof (NLD)

This man was 31 years old and comes from Eidhoven, Netherlands. He has long wrestle this permainann but only once when entering the final this year.

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MarkNewhouse (USA)

Players this one is expert poker Live Casino, tidfak wonder kalu this pemian opposed most respected there because of the perfect game may IA IA tonyonkan whenever want.

AndoniLarrabe (ESP)

Male one is still very young but the 22 year old has been a professional poker in Spain, but now he lives in London, England and is a player pokertermuda in Sana and found the youngest player at the WSOP as well.

WilliamTonkin (USA)

Here’s another player who will be a strong contender because it has experience with this game, WilliamTonkinpemain poker professional origin of Flemington, New Jersey 27 year old has come to the main event with a $ 13,421 young players is highly respected by his co-star considering permainann accomplishments always classy and has a good strategy.

Martin Jacobson (SWE)

27-year-old man who came from Stockholm, Sweden and now living in London is the only one who went into the final with more than B $ 1 million in career WSOP earnings. Players who are very much experienced in this field of experience always makes the opponent guessing while playing his personality because he is an opponent that was hard to control in the sense that people are hard to guess.

Bruno Politano (BRA)

Here it is the first player in Brazil who entered the final table of the WSOP, he came from Fortaleza, Caera, Brazil, for 31 years as an administrator and start to play poker as a hobby, but not unexpectedly from Her hobby he became the first person from brazil coming into the WSOP final. 9 finalists will be competing in the WSOP this Bai Danh Online Las Vegas on November 10, 2014 will come.

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