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When the first online casino opened in the ’90s, it was clear that under no circumstances would be able to compete with traditional live casino . The atmosphere, the sound and the experience of a traditional casino could not be proposed again by a computer.

The online casino, with the years, underwent a drastic transformation and nowadays do not have anything in common with the first and original one. The animation, high quality graphics and realistic sound offer players who are in a modern online casino experience extremely realistic with additional features that a traditional casino does not offer. Traditional casinos have strong competition We can not all have access to a traditional casino, and if there is one nearby does not necessarily meet the tastes of every player.

Why would anyone leave their homes if you can have access to the perfect casino from your computer? To make things even more difficult for traditional casino, the more astute developers have created online casino with live dealers . The idea behind it is simple: each player has a webcam on your PC can play live. Most of the time a player will not connect to a casino with a card table next to another, but to a casino room with only one table.

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Live dealers at your service at online casino A live dealer will serve you, just as in a traditional casino, and conversations between the dealer and the player are done via microphone or text chat. Players can even tip the dealer, just like in reality. Given that security is no longer an issue with licensed online casinos, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The atmosphere and the sound are the same, international players can compete (and communicate) with each other, the financial risks are non-existent and the games can be played with different varieties to meet the portfolio of anyone.

Do not forget to learn the rules The only problem you might encounter is a new player on the fact that the games are conducted in real time, and therefore can not be accelerated or paused like normal online casino games . And ‘therefore it recommended to learn the basic rules of the live game of choice, to be able to come out satisfied at most from the experience. Fortunately, the basic rules of any casino game are quite simple, and even the most inexperienced player can get an idea in a short time

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