Nevada Online Poker Review: Palms Closes, Caesars Palace Renovated

It was an interesting week for anyone in Las Vegas for the 2014 World Series of Poker, as the hordes of poker players who have descended on the city may have to adjust their off-site Las Vegas poker playing plans as they’ll find a familiar poker room has been closed but a newly renovated has reopened to take its place. In this installment of the Nevada Online Poker Review we’ll let you know which properties are taking part in this poker room musical chairs game, as well as the latest news coming out of the Rio during the 2014 WSOP over the past week. We’ll also look at the latest online tournament results in Nevada, check out how the WSOP has affected the online poker traffic numbers, and detail the latest promotion Ultimate Poker has cooked up for its Nevada patrons. So sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… Sorry, the Gilligan’s Island theme song has been running through my head because I’m heading to Martha’s Vineyard tomorrow. Palms shutters poker room The Palms Poker Room has always been considered one of the nicer and more player-friendly in Vegas, with even the hard to please locals fond of the poker games at the Palms. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and after a period of feast the Palms poker room has gone through a period of famine over the past couple of years, and the room was simply unable to maintain its player base after moving to a new location inside the casino according to’s John Mehaffey, who was also a big fan of the room. As Mehaffey explains, the Palms closure is yet another in a long line of closures across Vegas over the past year. Fortunately, the Palms closure was a trade-off, as Caesars Palace recently reopened their poker room, and the room looks terrific. Caesars Palace reopens renovated poker room Once again I’m going to turn to John Mehaffey for help with this story, as John got a behind the scenes look at the room (and snapped a dozen or so pictures you can view here) which just opened in the area next to the sports-book. The spacious 16-table poker room is one of the bigger in Las Vegas and fills a nice void for players looking to play a little poker that want to avoid the hotspots like Bellagio, Aria, or the Venetian. #WSOP2014 Updates The WSOP always produces too many stories to cover appropriately, especially when you’re devoting about 100 words a week to it like me! So with that in mind I’m going to steer you to a couple of the bigger stories over the past week. Matusow’s penalty brings about the first right or wrong debate of the 2014 WSOP ICYMI from Week 2 of the WSOP Bluff Coverage PokerNews live reporting Weekly Guaranteed Tournaments in Nevada WSOP Main Event Satellite With the WSOP in town it was only a matter of time before these online satellites started heating up, and this past weekend saw the best turnout to date as 65 players registered for the tournament with dreams of Main Event seat, creating a first and second place prize.
tommasera – $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat
Maynardo – $3,000 The $10K Guarantee tournament at Ultimate Poker Ultimate’s weekly guarantee pulled in 94 runners this week, which meant a nearly $1,500 overlay for the participants. Here are the final table payouts from the tournament:
Blane_cards $2,900
jeff89074 $2,000
BIGP707 $1,500
jigglybluff $1,000
Shoveitrick $800
KillGameKat $600
bansman $500
twinsdad $400
Slowbedon $300 $15k Chase the Dream If you’re into overlays than Ultimate Poker’s Chase the Dream tournament series is right up your alley (more on Chase the Dream below) as this past week saw 107 entries for just $25 a piece, which meant the overlay for this tournament was north of $12,000!
Limpkin $5,000
whaassuuppp $5,000
Other Level $1,500
WhiskeyNeat $1,000
bosilla $700
floppintrips $400
SpewArtist $250
$Annunaki$ $150 Traffic trends in Nevada has seen their average cash-game traffic tick even further upwards over the past week, with an average of 150 cash-game players populating the site’s tables according to The traffic increase seems to be coming from new players (very good news for Nevada) as Ultimate Poker has been able to maintain their traffic numbers, which is now just 1/3 of’s, as Ultimate Poker is averaging just 50 cash-game players.. The word on the street Ultimate Poker wants you to Chase the Dream Ultimate Poker is back with a new promotion for their Nevada customers, giving players in Nevada the opportunity to turn $1 into $10,000 every week during “Chase the Dream,” which is running from now through July 5. Here is a look at the company’s press release on the promotion:

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